Executive agency on vine and wine (EAVW)

The state control body in the wine sector in Bulgaria is Executive Agency on Vine and Wine (EAVW). Controls on compliance with the requirements of the law on Wine and Spirits drinks with regard to vineyards, grapes intended for the production of vine, wine and grape products are carried out, fulfilling the following main functions:

manages the country's wine-growing potential and exercises control over the rights to plant new vines, replanting and root-cropping vines;

performs on-the-spot controls of wine producers for the application of authorized oenological practices; the conditions for the production of regional and quality wines; compliance with the requirements for the presentation grape and wine products;

performs physicochemical and microbiological analyzes of grape products and wine.

The policy that EAVW implements is related to the establishment and implementation of a system for control and coordination of the control in the wine sector, in compliance with EU requirements.

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