The results include applied research and delivery of laboratory equipment. EAVW and International Hellenic University of Thessaloniki purchased high-tech equipment for their laboratories in order to conduct the DNA analysis. Leaf samples were collected from both sides of the border, covering all territories with varieties in danger, according to the registers of national administrations. DNA analysis was performed, the results of which can be seen here . Experts collected samples from areas across the cross-border region and submitted the material to specialized DNA analysis laboratories.

The aim is to extract, identify and register genotypes Currently, under development are: Integrated strategy for management and protection of local Biodiversity; Guidelines for agroecological practices, which will also be issued in Braille; Organoleptic analysis. You can see the documents HERE .

A Workshop on Technology and assessment of the research results will be conducted. Experimental fields have been developed to preserve and ensure the long-term existence of traditional vine varieties in both regions, see NEWS .